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At MCX Copper futures slightly downward global cues, on low demand

In the midst of weak tendency in the global marketplace and demand terrain subjected, in mcx copper commodity prices dipped slightly by 0.06 percent to 462.05 rupees a kg in futures trade today as speculators cut positions .


At the MCX, copper for delivery in far-month February shed 30 paise, or 0.06 per cent, to Rs 462.05 per kg in business turnover of 36 lots. The same way on metal for November delivery traded lower by 20 paise, or 0.04 percent, to 451.95 rupees a kg in 1365 lots. 

Analysts attributed the drop in copper futures on weaknesses global signals as the U.S. legislators continued negotiations to avoid a default of the the debt ceiling of the nation and weaker demand in the domestic spot markets.

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Source : Copper futures marginally down on global cues, low demand



Sensex ended up warm session, rupee closes at Rs 61.39 per dollar

BSE Sensex ended up warm session on a positive note, such as some purchase activity arose in front line stocks during the last half hour of trading.


Today Sensex up 23 points after the first day of the scope 20,273 and Nifty closed at 6021 up 13 points. Midcap and Smallcap stocks was 0.4 to 0.7 per cent. There is a fantastic recovery in rupee against the dollar today. Weak business day after the rupee closed 0.5 percent stronger. 1 dollar price has come down to Rs 61.50. 54. And Rupee closes at Rs 61.39 per Dollar, versus Rs 61.95 on Wednesday.

Which Shares Showing Strength Today With Commodity Trading Advisory 100McxTips

  • Tata Global: Buy, target Rs 163, with a stop loss Rs 158
  • HDFC: Buy, target Rs 815, with a stop loss Rs 796
  • SBI Futures: Buy, target of Rs 1670, Rs 1620 with a stop loss
  • Reliance Capital Futures: Buy, target of Rs 362 with a stop loss of Rs 343

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Sensex Climbed 266 Points to Strong Growth in European Markets, Nifty Closed at 6007.

Today, as on Oct 9, 2013 ! Poor international market signs and rupee arriving over 62 , the exchanges again began to decline. Nifty open the below 5900. Sensex lost almost 160 points in opening trade.


By the IMF due to a drastic reduction estimated in GDP growth for fiscal year 2014,  a pressure on the rupee show out. Although, market stable after the first hour of trading. Trade deficits in September at the lowest in the 30 months to remain show fervor in the market. The Sensex 274 points from the day’s low levels, and recovery of Nifty was 90 points Rupee on returned down to 62. 

Household exchanges to growing strongly in the afternoon by the European exchanges gained momentum. Sensex Climbed 266 Points to Strong Growth in European Markets, Nifty Closed at 6007. 

Mid-cap and Small-cap shares by 1 to 0.5% stronger. Real estate stocks pushing up 4%. Healthcare, banking, capital goods stocks rose close to 2%. Power, IT, oil & gas, PSU, technology shares firmed up 1.5%, metal, auto, FMCG stocks were 0.8 to 0.4% robust. However, consumer durable stocks fell 0.3 per cent.

Which Shares Showing Strength Today With Commodity Trading Advisory 100McxTips

  • IDFC Futures:-  Buy, target Rs 99 stop-loss of Rs 96
  • Tech Mahindra:-  Buy, target of Rs 1520, Rs 1444 stop-loss
  • Maruti Suzuki Futures:-  Buy, target of Rs 1435, Rs 1395 stop-loss
  • Reliance Infra:-  Buy, target of Rs 424 with stop-loss of Rs 407

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Benefits of Investing in the Crude Markets

It is clear that crude demand is rising with the over time whereas the world’s crude stocks are constantly decreasing. When you look at present crude prices, it is clear why it a growing trend. So, Whether you naturally evaluate the entire scenario, investment in crude stocks may be regarded like a long-term worthwhile investment. Invest in the commodities market crude is forever an elevated risk, since it is a largely speculative marketplace, but if you invested carefully and sensibly, you actually be obtained long term benefits of their crude market investments.

Nowadays countries including Canada, Russia, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia has biggest crude reserves. But because of the unsettled the government of Russia and political chaos in Venezuela, Canada and Saudi Arabia are seen reserves are considered to be most dependable within the global community. At one point, the market for crude feed-stocks has about 7 to 8m barrels of crude worldwide. Usually as a crude stocks and these shares are essential for the smooth progress of the operations at an overall supply system.

The carriages, tankers and tubing, all of them serve as the most effective way to provide the appropriate product in a particular location at a convenient time and these resources are available for widest economies whether a commercial investor investing in the commodity market of crude to help industries to develop various modes of transport. Now, it is important to learn the guidance from your personal market investments adviser where you’re investing at the commodities market of crude, for the purpose of deciding what crude stocks are cost effective for investment. He may guide professional through the analysis of the market trends and evaluation of global impact of economics on crude prices.

Crude reserves provide a clear indication in connection with the amount of crude quoted. If crude stocks are low in crude relevant product market particularly, prices are comparatively higher and thus decrease demand for crude or support the extra supply of crude. Projected crude reserves are observed closely on the market for crude commodities and are substantial indicators which determine crude prices. It has been noted that the global crude reserves are seasonal trends. Downward trend shown in the winter, whereas the upward trend is usually at the spring. This is due to the fact that demand for crude is seasonal than crude production.

To invest in crude stocks, it can be challenging for the investors, but also features the long term cost effective results. The conclusion of the crude stock can buffer its losses with the lead time interruption of supply and experts say, worldwide crude producing continue to rise despite the global economics crisis. Investors should note that it is not easy to invest at the crude commodity market. They should elaborate a strategy for the purpose of successfully add crude stocks in its portfolio and manage so that they earn good profits from their investment.

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Current Account Deficit and U.S. Debt Crisis Worries Indian Stocks Market Tumbling 1.75 percent

  • Today Market Moves

Rupee spoiled due to weak Asian cues and weak markets beginning. Nifty slipped below 5800 reopened. The Sensex lost 200 points. Mid-cap and Small-cap stocks also declined.


After this went grows selling pressure on both the market. The Sensex fell nearly 250 points. Nifty touched 5750 levels. In the U.S. market slipped to fears of Government expenditure cuts.

Continuing weakness in the rupee market crashed 1.5 percent. Sensex lost 300 points and the Nifty also slipped under the 5750. Mid-cap shares fell by 1 per cent.

Rupees from the market recovery is taking too looked at low levels. Although, in the last traded markets broken again. Sensex 400 points lower. Nifty slipped below 5725.

End of the market periods, the sensex lost 347 points to 19380 and Nifty lost 98 points to close at 5735. Mid-cap and Small-cap stocks fell 0.75 to 0.6 percent.

BSE Capital Goods, banks, metals, realty, PSU stocks took a 3-2 percent. Oil & Gas, Power, Auto, FMCG, consumer durables break stock 1.75 to 1 percent. Tech shares fell 0.5 percentage points. Healthcare and IT stocks were slack.

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Advantages of Investing in Crude Oil Commodity

Today, each merchant in India are considering twice before they trading for crude oil, owing to fluctuate levels . This particular product is worrying across the entire portfolio of certain commodity investors. What are the factors that cause crude oil commodity highly volatile and fluctuating? We address these factors too, but prior to that we will to talk about why crude oil is as significant from the point of trading view.


In fact, oil is the most frequently used source of energy across the globe and is responsible for about 45% of worldwide energy in demand and its consumption estimated at greater than 90 million barrels a day. As India is among the countries not belonging to OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries), so they are far more reliant on crude oil import to comply with our internal consumer demand as we need a level far the lowest production. Earlier, India was a lot more reliant on coal for its power needs, but such as the weather changes, the necessity and the forms of intake of energy sources have also changed and now a days, the oil and gas industry contributing to about 50% of overall energy intake in the country. When we consider the largest importers oil by millions of barrels daily, India is ranked fourth be listed with imported 4.16 million billion barrels per day. This is the reason that crude oil as that important to us as a power source and as well as commodity.

  • Thing that makes crude oil a worthwhile investment?

There is some factors that cause crude oil a staple to invest in:

  1. The crude oil demand is increased in emerging Asian markets such as India, China and Japan.
  2. Contemporary agricultural and industrial sectors rely crude oil and oil It makes it a sound investment in the long run.
  3. Crude oil as a versatile products and its derivatives are used as inputs for lot of industries.
  4. With the rising demand in the emerging markets, oil will forever be a demand product over the long term.


  • Why an investor or a trader Add Crude on his / her portfolio of commodities?
  1. With the constant rise of crude prices in India.
  2. As previously mentioned than India is the fourth major oil importer across the globe with an intake of 4.16 million barrels a day. We imported for nearly 70% of its total.
  3. Crude oil as a major component of the basket of Indian imports and the price affecting nearly all segments of the Indian economy.
  4. Indian raw materials market (MCX . NCDEX) is rising with crude oil is among of the products most commercialized on national stock exchanges.

  • Learn Predictions of Crude Commodity Market Prices

An investor at the raw materials market the crude oil, you need to learn to take advantage of the predictions in place of current prices. Always learns of the potential price increases, then it is in time that you must be purchased additional shares in this market. And at the moment there is forecasts to the contrary, it is time to sell, and which are guaranteed to make a huge profit. The crude commodities market is fairly rare oil as without precedent ranges. Current circumstances nearly never duplicated in future at least not to an exact INN. So, as the investor, you can never fully trust the information passed to make decisions regarding the current situation. Always strive to be intuitively concerning trade relying on passed owing, it is a risk who can not afford.

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Intraday Trading Tips for Share Market

Intraday trading could be extremely volatile and rapidly wipe a trader in account for unwary. With so much fluctuations in the prices could be tricky at times for determining the core dominant trend.

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  • To invest how much you afford to lose

Intraday Trading has more than risk investment in stocks. Investing just the how much you can afford to lose. Unexpected movement can break all of your investment within a few trading times. Whether this is a clout position, In intra-day you could lose more than you has invested.

  • Choose from highly melted stocks

Intraday market traders need to to balance their positions at the end of stocks market session. This is vrey good if you are merely trading in high market caps index based stocks that are very melted and be subject to trade in large quantities every day. Non to venture into Midcaps and Smallcaps stocks, In which the volumes traded are not very big. You might wind up the conclusion of stocks that have no purchasers at the end of the trading day.

  • Trading just within 2-3 vouchers at one time

It is wise to expend your portfolio as you invest in intraday stock, but when dealing with intraday trading, stick to just 1-2 stocks. It can have a maximum of 8 to 10 with high market caps indices based shares in their surveillance list, but not trading for more than 2-3 shares at the same time. Stock latest movements need to be closely monitored by the a day trader and you wont be capable of controlling than 2-3 shares at a day time.

  • Investigation depth watch list of stocks

Learn on stocks more than 8-10 in its day trade stocks watch list. You need to know about all future corporate stocks (share split, bonuses, dividends, dates outcome and mergers, etc.) and the technical standards of the shares. At Investment Growth Services website, such as, where you can watch out in price (high, low and then close) for the resistance and support standards.

  • Set the entry price and the target levels

Prior to buying, fixing the the entry price and the invest target levels. The therapy of your changes after buyer has purchased a share, which might interfere with his trial and shove it to sell very quickly, further the price moves upwards slightly. This can cost you the chance to acquire fully in the gain outcomes. Whether you set an objective price and stick to it, its psychological context not gonna change.

  • Using stop losses to contain the impact

A Intraday stop loss is a prompt for selling shares if the market moves past a certain limit. Stop losses helps make the purchaser to restrict its losses in case of the underside expectations and moved down (or up). Assume that you purchase 15 stocks of SBI at Rs 820 each other and to establish a stop losses of Rs 800. Whether the ratio falls to 790 rupees, they sell their shares. Thus, its losses declined even whether the stock drops to Rs 790. A stop losses making the trading emotions out of deciding to sell.


  • Not be a an investor

In Intraday trading and investment are a little more different. Both imply the purchase of stock, but the considered factors are overall different. One obtains into account technical analysis, whereas the other concerns at the fundamental analysis. Do not attempt to mix the two. Often, if a bid goes awry at intra-day, the buyer fails reserve their loss but allotment of shares and wait until your price to recover. This could be an expensive mistake that the actions are purchased with the very short term skyline. You might not worthwhile to invest in.

  • Booking profits when targets are being met

Covetousness and fear are both biggest barriers to the intraday trader. As well as must not waver to booking losses in where the stocks trade goes wrong, must be booked your profits when the actions arrive at their destination. If assume that that there are more potential for action, you must restore the stop loss. Assume that you invest in Rs 120 for a target of Rs 140 and to establish a stop losses of Rs 100. Whether the price rises to Rs 130 but you’re rising, raise the stop losses at Rs 125. This is reserved some benefits.

  • Not Fight the Market Tendency

Whether more sophisticated intraday market analysis not be to predict which way the market will moved up. All of the technical analytically factors may be energetic, but the market may always decline. Technical fundamentals just pointing to the probable movement over the market, which can not guarantee. Whether the stocks market is not motion in accordance with your expectations, not try to be an adversary. You will may end up missing more.

  • Less Is Greater

Whereas investments in equities may lead to great outcomes, to settle for small profits of intra-day trading. Intraday market traders obtaining leveraged to nearly 4-5 times their investment, so that even whether your trade are up 5%, it would have gained 10-12% of your stocks investment. In any case, is not uncommon for large caps which move over 5-6% in a trading day. Even though if you get a yield of 10-12% in its capital it is ok for one day’s trade.

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All Time Best 5 Trading Tips for Indian Commodity Market -

In India two leading markets or in other trade words that  we can trading across two markets, one of the the stock exchange or the equity market and other one is the commodities Marketplace. Whether you want an investment more quantity and more gain the most benefit, then the Indian for commodities market is right for you. Prior to trading on commodities market of India you need to be conscious of the trading tips or advice for commodities market. Few important trade tips are:

Understanding: The first important step to trade. You need to having all the information over the market wherein you are investing or trading. You must be aware of MCX and NCDEX are two of the commodities market and information on the products that is in it.

Broker Account: 2nd step, you must have to make an account at a renowned brokerage registered with NCDEX or MCX. Once you have created an account it must choose the raw materials(commodities) such as gold, silver, metals, crude oil, natural gas, etc. you are ready to trading in commodity market.

Contracts Time : After choosing your commodities products having between three and six open interest that be valid or outdated following the specified time term in commodity market. Then you required any to set an order buying or selling or you can do both simultaneously. Every commodities trading is unique based and it has priced range of trade-specific assessment to be paid for your trade. Overall the value varies across range 10 to 20% and does change by on a regular basis trade in commodity market. Change occurs only when the market becomes exceedingly notional.

Investment Diversify: Diversification of the investments one of the most important advice for concept trade in raw materials in commodity market. Always keep your eyes and open ears and trying not miss even one piece of relevant information concerning commodity trading market. Not rely solely in the actions of other speculators. Implement its own wisdom and skills prior to making any significant invest movement. Not investing all of your money in a marketplace or one type of commodity. That is the best to meet the risk and investing it safe.

Specialty Trading Tips: Trade in commodities the majority of investors will want to buy or sell their contacts at the last minute of the trading market. Expecting and wait for their advantage is maximized significant by that but which is really bad. This occurs due to lack of knowledge of the method of trading in the trade of commodities. Prior to buy or sell their contracts how to tend to estimate their profits and perspective for the future too. Only be buy or sell at a convenient moment where the calculation you encourages. You can pick your risk than waiting until the time limit of the contracts when it is confirmed, no doubt, your benefit other words you might need faced with a big loss. Your earnings and losses are credited or debited to your account automatically. Whether your account is confronted with any sort of shortage of money, the agent prompts the account.

Commodities trading is mostly good for those who become patients and knowledgeable. Try to avoid investing more and ensure that not reversed simply because of their covetousness to gain more profit. This Marketing Technique Works as an assurance to its investment and to a certain extent, it also saves a risk that movement of the market.

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Intraday Trading Tips : How Improve Your ATR (Average True Range) By

A handful issues of the management of your trading sounds more complicated than it actually is. Most probably that you have told at the beginning that you should identify your entry for Intraday, also need to identify your stop and limit point and determine the size of your trade. A key way for identifying the stop and limit point is by using the recent performance of the market.

Identification of present market performance is all about volatility. In search of the volatility that we find the average range over a fixed quantity of time, ie 14 days to see which type of performance that the market is showing. Whether the averaged number of pips covered is greater for a particular currency pair to other, the greater ATR indicate greater volatility in terms of the pip movement.


  • Indicator ATR Pips Makes Finding a Significant Number Breeze:

The tool of choice for this lesson is an indicator ATR Pips. This apps can be downloaded for free from the App Store FXCM and implemented at your chart. So, if you would prefer to you can very easily calculate ATR itself by the sum of total pip ranges for a fixed digit of days, divided by size of the sample.

  • Average True Pips Range in Identified The Stop:

Identifying an input may be improved by number of indicators but the goal is to find a high probability for trade to continue. The purpose of a stop is to ensure you is not given up too far from their capital account in the search for a profitable trade. Moreover, the stop is a key way to ensure that you do not risking any more capital track of what you are looking for on any given trade.

By using the ATR for establishing stop for a short-term operation, simply cut it off the ATR in half. Since we are using 100% of the journal ATR as a target income, with 50% will be stop with a good risk and return ratio. The negligible risk to reward ratio we are often ready to accept is 1: 1, so that we do not risk more pips what we are seeking make profits in trade.

  • ATR Pips Identify your Limits:

The ATR constructs a realistic earnings target in our business. Realistic objectives are required, and putting you at right to think. Such thinking is that, I’ll take whatever the market gives me regular and steady without sacrificing so much of my capital.

  • 100% Intraday ATR Trading May Be Your Limit:

When the ATR viewed, then you might take 100% of the ATR of entry and making your limit. The stop would be half Intraday ATR or 50%. This will insure that you have a strong link built on risk-reward trade.

  • Locking Thoughts:

The aim of using ATR for the identification of the objectives is to maintain grounded as merchant. It is easy to expect that your new buying trade to view the moon, but may have to hold on until it becomes into a loss. ATR will get it inside and outside of trades on the basis of so the market is giving a strong relationship of risk and reward.

If anyone reads all these Intraday Tips for  Market Trading and apply perfectly well that no way to be failed in Intraday Trading.

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